Hi, I'm Jason Godfrey.

I am a PhD student at University of Michigan’s English and education program. I research how placement and assessment in first-year writing programs impact student agency and program-level outcomes.

Previously, I coordinated library instruction at Brigham Young University, taught freshman composition, worked as a research assistant, and TA’d for Fundamentals of Research and Presentation.

Specifically, my research focuses on

Digital Pedagogy

I want to make online writing instruction student-focused and interactive by leveraging the affordances of a digital environment.

These are some of my most recent projects:

Freshman Composition

As a research assistant I was able to help BYU's most in-demand course migrate to an online environment. I created literature reviews and annotated bibliographies that stakeholders used to design curriculum according to best practices for Online Writing Instruction.

Source Evaluation Web Modules

As a library instructor, I was tasked with revamping the curriculum for source evaluation. Following the lead set by Stanford's History of Education Group, I created a series of interactive web texts that prompt students to examine a sources credibility by asking the same questions as expert fact-checkers.

Video Analytics for Course Assessment

My latest research collected video analytics for fifteen sections of an online freshman composition course. These analytics allow instructors, course designers, and writing program administrators not only to view how many students are engaging in video-based course materials but also to begin probing how active students are in their data-finding methods while they watch.

I also design curriculum to increase

Information Literacy

Acting as newsroom director, I coordinate writing, publication, and distribution for a university newspaper Real Fake News. It features local and national stories–some true, some false, some in-between. This newspaper is a fun way to joke about local culture, but its mission is no joke.

It’s a serious way to engage students in conversations about information literacy and reveal the many forms fake news can take.

If you want to know more about my research or simply want to chat, 

Reach out